Cioccolatini Artigianali  (2 kg / 80 pezzi circa)

Cioccolatini Artigianali (2 kg / 80 pezzi circa)


Crafted chocolate is not just a profession: it is first and foremost a passion that is born from our childhood. The scent, sweetness and cocoa body have remained in the heart ... and we did the art of chocolate.


Wisdom, care, skill, love: for us all are synonymous with "artisan chocolate".

It is certainly not a case that the original name of our company was the artisan:


The production of artisan chocolates has remained to us an absolute value, which has always been the pivot of our company for all over 50 years of its history. Only then do we give our chocolate a soul and heart, an inimitable personality that is the result of a creative process never left to chance: from the careful selection of cocoa from the best productions to the processing of pure chocolate with spices or distillates up to a packing strictly manual and always cared for in every detail.

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