Sfogliatella Frolla

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The sfogliatella was born in the seventeenth century in the conservatory of santa rosa da lima, which is found in the basin of the marinas, on the Amalfi coast in the province of Salerno. The sfogliatella was born almost by chance: one day it was in the convent's kitchen a little bit of pasta, but the nun in the kitchen, instead of throwing it, added a little dry fruit, sugar and limoncello, thus obtaining a filling . He then used a hood of pasta to cover the filling and put everything in the hot oven. The sweet was very successful among the nuns and the inhabitants of the areas close to the convent and took the name of Santa Rosa in honor of the saint to which the monastery was dedicated. In 1818, a neapolitan ostane [3], a Paschal taurus pin, came into possession of Santarosa's secret recipe, slightly modifying the recipe and introducing the broad-leaf variant invented the sfogliatella.

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