Struffoli Napoletani (2 Kg - 15 people)


The struffles are a typical sweet of Neapolitan tradition and its recipe is prepared in various regions of Italy. You have certainly seen and tasted them: they are soft soft little balls of pasta that are fried, soaked in honey, and finally garnished with candied fruits and colored confetti. They are also present in other areas of Italy but are known by other names: Taranto is called "sannacchiudere", in Sardinia "giggeri", in Lecce "purcedduzzi" (which means fried porcini) and which identifies the struffoli in Puglia and finally in Abruzzo, Molise, many areas of Lazio and Marche "cicerchiata" very similar to "cicerata" name used to identify struffoli in Calabria and Basilicata. It seems that the origin of the struffles, as the name suggests, is Greek. Not only is the word "struffolo" derived from the Greek "stróngylos" meaning "roundish form" but in Greek cooking there is a similar dish, the loukoumades, which are sweet pancakes prepared as strffles. According to some historians of cooking, however, the origin is Spanish: among Andalusian sweets, in fact, there is the piñonate, different from the Neapolitan struffulas only for form and is the most credited hypothesis for the long Spanish domination that has been Naples.


The ones that we present today are fried Christmas sticks but it is to be said that - for those who prefer a lighter sweetness - there is also a recipe that includes struts in the oven and, for those who love to amaze their guests, you can also make struffoli chocolate. The advice we give you is to accompany them with a good dessert or aromatic liquor or liquor, such as the Madera or Passito of Pantelleria.

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